At Precision Saddle Tree, we discard tradition when superior, modern materials are available. This is especially true with our coverings. One of the primary coverings we use in our Ropers and Ranch trees is Kevlar® because of its immense strength - this is the same material used in bullet proof vests and is literally five-times stronger than steel.

Hand Laid Kevlar® Clear Coat

Because the strength of Kevlar® is literally five-times stronger than steel, we can accomplish things that were not possible with traditional tree coverings. For example, we recently teamed with
G Bar G Saddles in Riverton, Wyoming. We were able to work together and build a saddle bronc tree with thinner bars to improve rider position. We were also able to strengthen the tree. The combination of added functionality and strength are essential in producing the high quality Bronc Saddle that G Bar G is known for.

Specifically, the thinner bars allow the rider to sit deeper in the seat and also set the rider up for more extension to the front end, allowing the rider to get higher in the neck and set his feet
without resistance.

As of September 2010, Randy and Dennis have not received a single report of a broken Kevlar® Bronc Tree.

"Precision Saddle Tree Inc. does a fantastic job in the accuracy of the tree parts. Every piece fits perfect and seams are sealed. They are great to work with in getting your special tree correct even though it may take a couple of times to get it correct. We are now using Kevlar® trees in our Stock Saddles to ensure a more comfortable and functional saddle. We are appreciative of their quality and workmanship. We are looking to a long working relationship." -- Dennis George with G Bar G Saddles

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What is Kevlar®?        
® fibers are 43 percent lighter than typical fiberglass, 10-times stronger than aluminum, and literally five-times stronger than steel. Kevlar® is the registered trademark for a para-aramid synthetic fiber. Developed at Dupont in 1965, this high strength material was first commercially used in the early 1970s as a replacement for steel in racing tires. Kevlar® has excellent resistance to high and low temperatures. Because of its immense strength, we can accomplish things with Kevlar® that cannot be done with traditional coverings.

Saddle Makers: Do you have a customer you are trying to sell on Kevlar®? Here is our Kevlar® handout that you can download and give to your customer with pertinent information on the strength, capabilities, and durability of Kevlar®. Download a printable brochure here.

At Precision Saddle Tree, we use Kevlar® because it allows for lighter, thinner bars which helps to improve the balance and relationship between horse and rider with improved strength.